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Pakistan Merchant Shipping - Maritime Business and Employment.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Opinion Polls - Covering Merchant Navy, Pakistan Shipping, Maritime Shipping and the Seamen.

We arrange polls to gather opinion of merchant navy employees: seamen, deck officers, engine officers and all interested in merchant navy; especially the Pakistan Merchant Shipping.

The polls are arranged at the PakistaniMariner eGroup section and any one can participate to add one's opinion to the results. The Polls are powered by Yahoo Groups - so is the PakistaniMariner eGroup.

To vote you need Yahoo Identity, that is your yahoo username and password and membership of the PakistaniMariner eGroup.

All the polls can be reached in the polls section of PakistaniMariner eGroup.

You are invited to add your vote to the following polls:

Your few minutes of time and responsible opinion will certainly help others to reach correct decisions about their career.The results can bring about general views about issues addressed and an in depth analysis of the future of merchant navy and it's impact on the seafarers can be evaluated.The results will certainly help you to compare your opinion with the majority.
  1. The days of merchant navy have changed and the profession has undergone extensive set-back so far as the Pakistani mariners are concerned, especially after 9/11 Pakistani seafarers are facing problems that had never risen before – from job un-availability to humiliating treatment on the ports by local authorities.

    It, however, remains a well paid profession and promises financial freedom for the ones who adopt it successfully.

    The question for this poll is:

    In this back-ground and other issues concerning Pakistani Seamen in national and international shipping companies, would you send your son to serve in merchant navy?

Details, explanation and results of the individual polls can be viewed on the PakistaniMariner eGroup section powered by Yahoo Groups.

Please visit the following web page: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/PakistaniMariner/polls


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