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Pakistan Merchant Shipping - Maritime Business and Employment.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

pakistaniMARITIME.Com Mailing List / Newsletter

pakistaniMARITIME.Com newsletter is not a regular feature and is issued only when I have very pronounced information about the web site that may interest the subscribers.
Another reason for not having a regular newsletter is availability of time it requires to be fully operative - time that I have to squeeze out of a tight schedule of full time employment, web site updates, learning / reading and domestic responsibilities.
It may not be way-out considering my suggestion to join, in addition to this newsletter, any or both of eGroups offered on this web site: the PakistaniMariner eGroup and/or PakistaniMaritime eGroup.
These eGroups, catering needs of both maritime business concerns as well as merchant shipping employees and enthusiasts, not only provide the members a forum to discuss issues of common interest but does at the same time convey latest changes and additions to the pakistaniMARITIME.Com web site and the services it provides to the visitors.
If you are a seafarer or find yourself interested in ships and the sea, PakistaniMariner eGroup is for you. On the other hand if you are related to maritime business community you may find PakistaniMaritime eGroup of interest to you.
Another source of latest information about this web site is my blog, Pakistan Merchant Shipping - Maritime Business and Employment Blog gets the latest changes to pakistaniMARITIME.Com Website; sometimes even before they appear on it's pages.

Previous Pakistan Maritime Newsletters:

Old issues of our newsletter sent to mailing list subscribers can be assessed by using the links below.


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