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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Sea and Shore are the Same!

Working ashore or at sea – difference is not much so far as the working conditions and hours at duty are concerned, especially if one is employed in transportation sector of which shipping is a part.

When I look around at people working for different sectors related to merchant shipping ashore, they work long hours without having any regard for the so-called ‘normal’ working hours.

Mostly minimum manpower is used to its maximum utility without regard to any hours of work normalities. And in doing so much required weekly off days, public and national holidays etc are boldly ignored.

Above is not the full colour to the picture that a seafarer thinking of coming ashore paints in his mind; the other side of coin is even more shocking – employees working extra hours, rather extra days ashore, mostly do not get paid also in addition to their regular remunerations. This is presicisely true to most of the companies providing active services to shipping business. Let me add with confidence and certainty that ‘these companies’ include many big names serving internationally. Strange, isn’t it.

On paper every thing is provided, but in practice nothing. And it is considered very normal! Of which every one is aware, it is an open secret.

Traditionally there are ‘no working hours’ at sea, but these are supposed to adhered to on the shore.

At least onboard ships most of the crew gets paid well, on shore most even don’t get paid for the jobs they attend onboard ships!

What did you say? Can’t believe a word!
Don’t ask any one; jobs are scarce and hence very dear.
Forget the signed contracts.

Just look closely into the routines of surveyors, ship chandlers, ship agents and the like and you will agree.


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