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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shore Employment Links for Merchant Navy Officers and Seamen

Merchant navy is a profession that seamen quit at every stage, some leave as a cadet and many after serving for years at every rank up the career ladder.

Number of seamen reaching the retirement age is quite short. Majority quits sea earlier!

There is dear need of information for seamen intending to move to shore employment.

In most cases after long years of sailing mariners find themselves fed up of sea and ships and feel that they should get a shore job so as to stay with their families. They may wish to see themselves walking on the 'land’ when they are off duty; away from rolling, pitching and vibrations onboard.

Experience onboard ships and the qualifications for merchant navy have limited demand on shore. Mariners need to educate themselves for the shore job.

We intend to provide links to shore job resources and other guidance material that may help fellow mariners in evaluating themselves for the shore employment - they may gather information to achieve a highly appreciated goal.

We are looking for useful web resources to add to maritime links section for the benefit of merchant navy employees, the more we find the more we will add to the benefit of us all.

We expect you to share relevant links and information that you may have. You may know something that others may not even think of. Your ideas, your ‘brain-storming’ may bring solution to a shore job seeker fed up of sailing.

Your participation and interest is vital for the intended benefit to the seamen community; this initiative in your interest may not prove beneficial with out it.

We would be pleased to add your views to the appropriate section of this web site, with full acknowledgement to the source, for the guidance of others.

Your views and observations may be submitted as an article in the Maritime Shipping Essays and Articles Section.

If you know links to information, please submit for addition to the maritime links page.

You may express yourself in the PakistaniMariner eGroup to gain opinion of others members or email us information and we will thankfully add it to the appropriate section.

This section is dedicated to provide information that may assist and educate mariners in their quest of career change.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

So, you want to join merchant navy? Minimum that a deck cadet must know.

This article provides information for Pakistani young men interested in joining merchant navy as deck cadets.

The idea is to tell them in clear words what is in the future from their intention of joining the sea to the end of cadet ship so that they may not feel trapped in a profession which is, no doubt, very rewarding but for only those whom it suits.

To read article please click the title of this article or the link below: