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Pakistan Merchant Shipping - Maritime Business and Employment.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Maritime Employment - Related Articles & Information.

Following articles about maritime shipping employment and joining merchant navy may interest you. Please do go through them before applying.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Maritime Employment - Ship Job Vacancies.

A new addition to pakistaniMARITIME.Com is the ‘Maritime Employment - Ship Job Vacancies Section'.

This section covers issues related to ship Job vacancies, maritime employment, ship employment, seamen jobs, sea jobs, career at sea, merchant navy jobs, merchant navy employment etc.

Presently we reproduce ship employment vacancies submitted to
PakistaniMariners eGroup.

The applicants intending to apply for these jobs may contact directly to the source.

We, however, would love to hear your success stories and opinion comprising of your experience. Your feedback will be added to the Ship Job Vacancies section.

pakistaniMARITIME.Com is just a web presence and not a shipping company or a ship manning agency and we, therefore, can not provide employment onboard ships.

At PakistaniMaritime.Com we have been trying to provide 'something' of benefit to the fellow seamen resulting in following sections:

We have always encouraged seafarers to contribute advice and guidelines to the pages of pakistaniMARITIME.Com for the benefit of others seeking direction and would welcome all we get from the merchant navy employees.

Submissions received, subject to approval, are uploaded with full acknowledgement to the author / sender.

So, please write to us and contribute 'your say' with others.