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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Maritime Links - Page Moved.

Our Maritime links page was hosted by Bravenet previously. Since the number of links have out numbered the limit offered by Bravenet and the expansion of our site is growing, we are shifting maritime links to a comprehensive section constructed with in the pakistaniMARITIME.Com web hosting servers.

The new Maritime Links section has been optimized for search engine crawling and will be much more search engine spider friendly due to latest optimization techniques.

It was not feasible to verify each and every link we had on our pages, we have decided to get links re-submitted to verify link validity, authentication of information and most important the distribution of links into endless categories.

We, therefore, suggest re-submission of your link presently on Old Maritime links page to the
new Maritime Links section. You can suggest more than one category depending on the individual sections / services of your web site.

The data on the old page will be removed over time. Every category transferred to the new section will be removed from the old page.

To re-submit your link please visit:

Monday, April 18, 2005

Why do you want to join merchant navy or what influenced you most to join sea?

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the PakistaniMariner group:

Why do you want to join merchant navy or what influenced you most to join sea?

o Handsome income
o I want to visit different countries?
o I just like to get away from home due to domestic reasons.
o My friends are joining career at sea.
o I belong to a family of seafarers.
o I cannot afford higher education.
o I need to financially support my family.
o I want to enjoy the night clubs and discos abroad.
o There is no job available here.
o Other - Please explain.

To vote, please visit the following web page:

NOTE: You will need a Yahoo Profile to join PakistaniMariner eGroup.

Friday, April 15, 2005

A source of repairing our minds!!!

A source of repairing our minds!!! Something other than sea and ships and employment worries - our life.

The way we plan all projects to be successful, exactly the same way we need to plan our lives to be on the 'top'.

"SEE YOU AT THE TOP" by "ZIG ZIGLAR" is a motivational book I believe everyone should read and 'digest'.

If you get your hands on a copy of this book do give yourself a chance of further improvement. I am only sharing my experience by recommending this book. If it was good for me it might benefit you as well :)

Please note that I am NOT AT ALL affiliated with the author or the publisher, and do not have any business interests in recommanding this book.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Selling One's life to the Sea & the Price of Buying it back - A Sailor's Self Talk

When one remains at sea for long time, he loses his contacts, his qualities to deal with people, expansion of his view of the world. He serves for months at time on ship and goes back on leave for short duration.

He earns good salary and is able to provide better living conditions for the one’s he cares about. A seaman’s own life do not get benefits of luxuries within his buying power, he instead works like a machine – neglected , in many cases and dealt as a money making machine. Over time the seafarer forgets himself and points his planning towards others only.

I was sold to sea in the beginning of youth but it is satisfying enough to feel that I have bought myself back from the sea and the ships and I am now among many common people, average people, who live with their families and worry about their day to day needs. Who see children grow and are part of their families instead of being a guest who arrives 'home' after six months, introduces himself to children and waits for kids to get used to him to enjoy their company.

There is no free lunch. There is a price for either end of the coin: one has to let go the benefits of career at sea and lose a lot in gaining what life on shore has available. The decision is difficult and depends upon ones commitments and responsibilities. A desire to live the way majority leads their life: good or bad, rich or poor, deprived or fulfilled is vital.

Life on shore is busy and demanding too, but end of the day one is home and free. I am able to walk around when I am off and see others around - new people and new faces –it is worth my decision to come ashore though shore does not pay me much as compared to ships.

Ship job provides the most important financial independence but buys a seaman’s life in return.

At last I am on shore and not at sea any more!

There is no more pitching, rolling and shipboard tensions, no facing of behaviors from others who are tense and rigid due to staying long on board.

Here everyone has his own job. No one is jack of all trades. On ships one has to be able to do everything from operations to maintenance, from administration to accounts.

Sore job is not that easy either. My routines are tough. I work long hours, it is normal so far as the private employment is concerned. But the people are different; they are more descent, not all but most of them. They take their jobs easy - unlike ships where lots more deadlines need to be met and fast actions are required. It is not an 8-5 job, where one goes to an office sits on a table and gets up in the afternoon to go home

True that things were not that easy as I expected when I decided to jump at the first offer of quitting sea I got my hands on.

True that I lost money in the hands of crooks on shore.

True that I worked on less salary than sea.

True that I have to use public transport until I pass driving test in a new country where my fifteen year old driving license is not accepted.

Here I am among variety of people with different personalities, different fields of action, different qualifications, different academic backgrounds, and different attitudes. Variety what ever form it may be in brings amended thinking and eradicates staleness.

I am enjoying all the changes like a person coming from a far planet!

I can think more; my view has expanded more than the arc of visibility of a ships mast head light and never stops at 22.5 degrees abaft the beam on either side. It has no restriction of visibility range either :)

I do like to look at sea now as well, but in a different way - with a different eye. Lot of people are enjoying on the beach on the weekend, after a weeks work. If they worked hard a week they have a day to relax and nourish there soles and bodies.

When I reach back in my flat, there is no worry of tanks being pressurized or bad weather expected or some thing may go wrong. My telephone never rings during my sleep every hour to tell me that the discharge rate has fallen and a person from shore from an unknown agency is insisting to see me and on meeting he is only there to get some cigarettes plus some coffee and jam. The time does not change, night does not transform into day with the changes in longitude and the high latitude weathers are story of the past.

Many years have passed in dry-dock I was standing on deck with the duty A.B. when the ship chandler’s brother, a young boy in late teens, approached us and started talking about life at sea and onboard ships. The chap was on holidays and had come to visit the ship. After hearing about our contracts, leave duration and the scale of our salaries - he liked the income part of the information. Seeing his interest I asked him if he would like to join sea.

"You stay away from your home for so long and you are confined to the ship all the time, you are selling your lives for money, I want to live a free life - a normal life!!!” was his straight reply.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

PakistaniMariner eGroup - Professional Information Exchange for Pakistani Seafarers.

PakistaniMariner eGroup has been created to provide a platform for professional information exchange and mutual interaction among Pakistani seafarers.

It is a medium that will bring your voice on the internet and on the search engines. Where others, fellow sailors and non-seafarers, may learn how things have been going in the seafaring career of Pakistani seamen.

Man learns from others experience, you will find ideas and inspiration from others posts and vice versa. It is a matter of increasing awareness about the situation of seamen and merchant navy in Pakistan. If you will not tell what is happening, no body will ever know what Pakistani seamen are going through and ultimately the situation will remain unchanged.

Seamen are ripped off at job offices and mishandled onboard ships. Employment search is the major concern after every ship for many. Even some educational institutions are and have been charging heavy amounts for training that has no demand on the merchant vessels. There are no job securities after completion of well paid training.

I emphasize and will continue to suggest mariners to practice expression. You do not need to identify your self. Yahoo groups, where PakistaniMariner eGroup is hosted, allows to make as many personnel profiles as one likes. I persuade you to participate in this eGroup for your own benefit.

Merchant Shipping employees spend 6-9 months at sea and when they come back on leave there is so much to do at home that they are not bothered by what is going round them - until they need a new job.

Merchant Navy Employees and Seamen in Pakistan do not have a forum or any other source of getting current information - a magazine solely presenting information about trends in local shipping and ship job market. Had there been such a affective source of information present, many young men with pre-sea training for GP3 rank would not have wasted there time and money for qualifications leading to non-existent jobs at sea for Pakistani nationals.

What is the use of a qualification that would not, end of the day, qualify one for a job. Lot of, rather all - yes all, serving seamen knew that there was grim scope for Pakistani GP3s onboard merchant ships but no one was bothered and there was no way of expressing or knowing the truth in the media. Result was that ignorant young boys, and their anticipating parents, paid sky high tuition fees for gaining pre-sea training with no output in sight.

How misleading were the false promises and the colored pictures of future painted at the time of admission to the worthless courses !

It is the middle class that opts for jobs in merchant navy and populate ships. These educated boys, from families where 100,000 rupees are a big amount, spent their parents hard earned savings - provident funds, pension loans and similar to pay off the nautical colleges fees in the hope of earning ‘big’ from the sea and in the quest of seeing the world.

Had someone guided these boys of the true condition of Pakistani seamen, had they read in a forum the problems of ship employment for Pakistani seafarers, had they even knew the nature of job at sea, much of their parents hard earned money would have not been wasted.

I am a seafarer like you and cannot offer one a job in merchant navy, though to facilitate the same Database of Pakistani Mariners has been introduced and some more resources have been added to the pakistaniMARITIME.Com.

I have added a list of manning agents in Karachi and will soon add a list of shipping companies that hire Pakistani nationals to the ‘Maritime Links’ section. I do suggest [ and request :) ] your submissions to these resources. They are for you and may help to change your financial future.

I would welcome everyone to participate and suggest improvements to this initiative meant solely in the interest of our merchant navy employees and the ones who intend to join Pakistan shipping to earn a living.

Send me your opinion in any form: as an article, essay, letter, email and I will upload it to the appropriate section.

Send me your resume web sites and I will upload them on my hosting server.

If you get your resume site uploaded in the Resume Web Site Section, it can be 'spidered' quite fast, since pakistaniMARITIME.Com enjoys very frequent visits from Goggle, Yahoo and Msn spiders. Getting indexed in search engines will enable your resume to appear in internet searches comparatively in less time.

If you find yourself overwhelmed or have queries about any thing please email me and I will be more than happy to answer, provided it lies within my knowledge and ability.

All services at pakistaniMARITIME.Com are free and open to everyone interested in sea and merchant navy with emphasizes on Pakistani seafarers and Pakistan shipping. Let me make it clear that I do not have any monitory interests involved in ‘PakistaniMariner eGroup or from pakistaniMARITIME.Com web presence.

For this forum to work in the interest and benefit of us all, the Pakistani Merchant shipping employees, we need to maneuver it ourselves by participating and initiating useful information that could benefit all of us.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Humor at Sea - An article you must read :)

Getting bored?

Get to this confidential letter from the Master of a ship - it made me laugh throughout, you will enjoy it too.

What an 'Incident Report' this ' Letter to Head Office' makes!!!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Merchant Navy Employment Recourses in Pakistan.

In order to facilitate ship job search, which is by all means a tough and long process especially for the first timers with no prior experience, I have added a list of 'Merchant Navy Employment Recourses in Pakistan'.

This page includes mainly contact details of ship manning agencies in Karachi. Most of the content has come from my diary and the remaining from friends and internet searches. Some details might be out of date: phone number or email addresses may have changed over time, however, most of it is expected to be useful. Seamen and merchant navy officers seeking ship employment may find this page useful in their merchant navy job search.

May I suggest fellow seafarers to inform me about errors and omissions on this page or if they have more contacts that should be added to this list.

The more complete this list becomes, the more it will help us in our job searches, which are not at all rare so far as employment in merchant navy for Pakistani seamen is concerned. Hope this information will prove useful for the merchant navy employees, seamen and mariners.

Please do suggest corrections and additions to this page for the benefit of other mariners.