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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So I am not alone - Another similar experience - Ghost onboard or was it not?

I was searching indexed pages of my web site pakistaniMARITIME.Com in a search engine when in the search results this link appeared as well.

The writer, a signal man onboard an Australian Navy ship, describes his experience when he went up a ships flag deck and felt the presence of someone else.

In his words: “I had a sense of being followed and could feel something actually walk past/through me on the ladder. When I got up on to the flag deck, I could feel a real sensation of being watched, not in a pervasive or mischievous sense, but more in a supervisory, looking over your shoulder sense. I tried my best to ignore it until I went into the Signalman’s Shelter which is a small compartment where the ceremonial items I had to prepare were kept. As I stood inside the shelter I "felt" someone in there with me and could hear them breathing as though they had being running or working hard…………I never felt that feeling again when I was on the ship……..”

So I am not alone, and it was not my imagination when I came across that ghost or what ever it was onboard a ship. I can figure out similarities in the above account and my experience as described in my article Ghost onboard or was it not ?

The writer could feel presence of someone but could not see him and once encountered he too never felt that feeling again on that ship.

Are these very common occurrences?

Does it mean that I have actually seen a ghost?

Was 'he' a ghost onboard that ship?

Friday, March 11, 2005

Attention Job Seekers in Maritime Shipping and Offshore Sector. Frauds in Ship Jobs, Merchant Navy Employment and Offshore recruitment.

A lot is going on in ripping off merchant seamen seeking maritime ship jobs, ITF (International Trade Fedration) has again warned on this issue.

The point is when a job is offered against advance payment from the potential employee, there is always something to suspect about the credibility of the company or agency offering employment.

When a company offers high salary but asks for joining fees in advance, the seamen must understand that they may be loosing the very money they are handing over and may not get any thing in return other than disappointment.

ITF has warned about lot of frauds in hiring seamen, promising high wages onboard cruise ships, cargo ships and off shore installations.

Details of these frauds and misleading email information sent to seamen are added in the 'Maritime Shipping - Articles and Essays' section on the pakistaniMARITIME.Com web site. Read the relevant article 'Attention Job Seekers in Maritime Shipping and Offshore Sector. Frauds in Ship Jobs, Merchant Navy Employment and Offshore recruitment. You will find links to ITF web site pages and documentation detailing these well planned 'robberies'.

One such fraudulent company submitted their link in our Pakistan Maritime Links Page. ITF representative informed us about it and we immediately removed the link from our pages. Email received from ITF is also uploaded to the above article.

So, dear merchant navy employees and ship employment seekers be careful when you come across a job offer asking for money from you before you are onboard!!!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

'Online Platform' for You - Pakistani Seafarers - Please Suggest.

Your suggestions are required to plot a course to establish an 'OnlinePlatform' for you, the Pakistani seafarers.

PakistaniMariners eGroup and all other services in pakistaniMARITIME.Com are aimed at merchant navy in Pakistan, primarily to provide a forum or 'speaking place' for the mariners working in Pakistan Shipping or employed in International shipping companies.

Please take some time and write to us your ideas on how we can improve our 'attempt' to provide an 'outlet' to our mariner community.

Are we heading in the correct direction? Kindly do submit necessary 'alterations of course'!

Only you know what 'you' need, only your contribution can build an affective resource to your benefit.

Your suggestions will definitely make a difference!

Just send them here!