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Sunday, January 30, 2005

pakistaniMARITIME.Com's changing face :)

I am attempting to give new look to the site. The result is that at present site has pages from two different layouts, old and new. It is going to take some time to complete reconstruction of all old pages.

The approach is to use CSS for formatting and increased use of hand coding on the web pages.

Once the above completes, I will be using graphics and flash but very sparingly.

The logo, presently just text formatted using CSS, will be replaced by gif image.

The previous layout used shared borders while the present makes use of Front Page includes for the top, bottom and left margin.

In, addition SEO has been attempted, though not fully yet. After changing layout of all pages I will emphasize on SEO fully, there is lot more to do.

Let us see how long this project takes to complete.

Next will be my ‘shore job winning’ resume website, which loads quite slowly due to heavy coding, lot of add-ins and images stuffed into its pages.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Merchant Shipping Employees better go for your professional internet presence!

A place on the world wide web where seafarers may submit their contact details is the 'Open Database of Pakistani Mariners'. Although it is still a 'list', eventually it will be developed as a database to contain all the submissions. It may help to find a particular merchant navy employee one may be looking for. Simply it will make available your details online. The more appropriate places one submits one's effective presence on WWW, the more are the chances of getting 'found'.

The success of this project, however, depends on the seamen only, their interest in adding their details can make it useful for them and others. Until now the progress has been quite satisfactory, though either there are several submissions or there is none for long time.

Generally it has been noted that we mariners are not much aware of the importance of online communication and the WWW as compared to our counterparts from other parts of the globe. The idea is to understand the scope of WWW, especially when the profession is of global nature, that is, maritime shipping. Your presence on the net may open doors to additional maritime employment opportunities. More shipping companies and sea crew recruiters are offering online information now then ever before.

Shipping in Pakistan is very small - there are not many ships available under our flag to provide onboard jobs to every Pakistani seaman. Merchant Shipping employees have to, therefore, seek sea jobs on foreign flag vessels. It is a fact that in present global scenario the Pakistani mariners, though well qualified and experienced, are restricted in getting jobs due to restrictions on their travel to many sea ports round the world. Many countries where no visa was required when joining or leaving ships in the past, now require long seaman visa process procedures; some require 10 to 15 days notices before issuing a visa to Pakistan seamen resulting in additional expanses and workload on account of the employer.

Above is not healthy in that it repels the employers away from us and they begin to seek alternatives. Who would like to bear extra expanses for employing seamen from a particular country when they can get same from so many nationalities who does not cost extra expanses and work hours in personnel management. On the other hand, Pakistani merchant navy officers are even getting it difficult to go abroad for their professional studies - these are the ship employees who have their passports full of visa entries because they travel a lot due to the nature of their employment.

This grim situation makes it even more impotent for us to bring our talent and professional qualifications in the open. One very effective and inexpensive medium is the use of internet. Posting one's resume in appropriate job market, having a resume web site etc. would certainly give an edge to the applicant and will not cost him much.

There are many 'sea job hunting resources' on the internet, a search in Google or yahoo gives many results to choose from. At pakistaniMARITIME.Com we provide 'Open Database of Pakistani Mariners', 'PakistaniMariner eGroup', 'free resume web site development & hosting' and our 'maritime shipping links page' that seafarers may find useful.

In addition, on this blog you may like to read my earlier articles on resumes for maritime shipping employees.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Do you believe in GHOSTS?

I never believed in such 'stories' as well, until I came across an incident for which I could not find logical justification.

I started believing the day I came across one on an oil tanker which I had joined few days earlier. I am sure it was not an illusion or ‘flight’ of my imagination.

If it was not a ghost it was sure not a human too; the way it disappeared before my eyes when I reached very close to it. When it happened my view was so clear and I was at few meters (3-4m) from it. You can read detailed account in my article ‘Ghost onboard or was it not ?’

If it was an illusion or made up of my imagination, it was then very real. Still when I think of ‘it’ I feel cold waves going down my spine !!!

I wonder if any one has gone through similar experience. Is there another form of life that we can some time sense but cannot otherwise comprehend?

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Submissions Forms on PakistaniMaritime.Com

Initially the submissions form results were automatically displayed on the respective submission results pages for Free Maritime Classifieds and my Guest Book until spammers found their way and started posting links to unrelated and highly immoral websites with offensive content.

Presently, I have to approve submissions to Free Maritime Classifieds and Guest Book to keep my web site clean.

Receipt of all submissions is intimated using auto responder. The whole process however delays your submission until the next update of the website.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.